Tuesday, February 28 2017


Recently, I think it is becoming rare to see a normal S13 SILVIA. It may be because it is a base vehicle for drifting cars, and it is a time when I see these cars being run, bumped, and repaired again and again. Kagaya-san purchased S13 as a new car, and he has been enjoying the genuine option+α for already 25 years.

Its mileage is over 500,000 km! The auxiliary equipment has been replaced 3 times, the engine still remains from the time of purchase, the transmission was replaced right away because of a defect and still in use now.

Kagaya-san seemed to originally have Q’s, but he felt the power fell short and changed to K’s. As his total mileage is over 560,000 km, he is one of the users who knows the S13 well.

K’s = Turbo, Q’s = NA, J’s = Q’s grade without all the extra equipment.

After purchasing a car, he started customizing car from the exchange of shift knob and steering wheel. Kagaya-san’s style is to add his own identity while keeping its elegancy. He stocks a lot of spare parts, and he was wavering over which specifications to use for shooting.

Actually, he owns about twenty wheels, and he has so many parts that he had to rent a 2DK apartment! He can replace parts according to his mood, so it seems just like a closet for clothes.

There is a choice of comfortable interior decor parts, such as genuine option pillar speakers, 180SX late interior, etc. It seems they will still be together for a long time.

Interview notes
He often goes to Up Garage to look for parts, so the parts seems to continue to increase.

It reminds me of a phrase that girls often say: “I have no clothes to wear!” No, there are lots of clothes in the closet, but it means that none of them fit the current mood. (To the boys out there, I’m sorry for confusing you) I didn’t mean to say, “I have no wheel to wear!”, but (laugh) in fact, it seems that he is struggling to find a matching 4-hole wheel.

COLORblack (KH3)
TIREATR SPORTⅡ F:215/35R18 R:225/40R18
SUSPENSIONTEIN control master FLEX, FR Swift
INTERIORfull-LED, MOMO Eagle steering, ALPINE MDA-W925JW, ROCKFORD F speaker, carrozzeria TS-WX110A, BLITZ R-VITⅡ, AUTOGAUGE
EXTERIORVANQUISH F lip, genuine aero bumper, custom-made blinker, tail, GT-1 R bumper, Tommy kaira typeⅡ R wing