Wednesday, April 19 2017

K.Taguchi’s machine (racing driver) /NISSAN SILVIA S15

I listened to racer Kazuya Taguchi’s story today. As a driver for Team UPGARAGE and a full-time employee at Up Garage, he started participating in races from 2014.

From his student era until now, he is on his 4th S15 SILVIA. When you think about Taguchi-san, an S15 impression comes. The year he entered Up Garage, he participated with a D1SL (street legal) S15 car, but there was large damage from a crash. After changing cars and improving it, he participated with a S15 in 2017. By the way, the meter and headlights are all from his original car.

Taguchi-san decided since he was a child that “I will become a racer!” He started running on circuits during his high school years. Although he bought a 30 SOARER for 50,000 yen, he did not have a license and thus asked people around him to drive him to the circuit to practice. After that, he was unable to qualify in his home area of Hokkaido’s drift meet’s beginner class. Even though he has always thought “I participate to make memories”, it seems very unfortunate. When you think about the “failing” now, it was probably what made Taguchi-san a “racer”.

While participating in the D1GP and Formula D races, an on-board camera is attached, but the organizer for the race says that “Taguchi-san’s team, compared to other teams, talks overwhelming through the team radio.” While waiting to run on the course, they talk about course condition, information about other drivers, how others are driving today, and exchanging opinions while watching videos. By thinking “t is convenient because we can share soon after taking the race videos”, they always try to take the video and think about strategies.

Every driver has thoughts from experience like “if the opponent comes like that, I should do this, if he does that, I should do that”. For veteran drivers, the amount of thoughts cannot be counted. However, for a young driver like Taguchi to eliminate that difference, it is necessary to incorporate new things more and more. Responding to the question “what if everyone copies you (in using videos for verification)?”, they answer hopefully “at that time, we will already be at the next stage!”

The condition of the machine is good and the results are improving year after year. At the beginning he experienced failure, but with this he filled his mind with preparation and repairing his car. Now thanks to a dependable car and team members, he can concentrate on the race.

Recently, he is proceeding with the theme of “lightness” in making his car, but his problem now is the limits of an SR engine that may branch from this theme.

Now his goal is to achieve results at the D1GP, Formula D, but his hopes are to with Formula D, he wants to quickly become series champion and participate on the American stage.

He seems to participate as much as he can in the general races, and thinks “there are a lot of hints, so I try to make time.” Of course, there are many things to refine within limited conditions. As a 24 year old, he is already in his 9th year of his drift career, 3rd year in the top category, and perhaps soon on the winner’s podium…!?

Event Memo
The race week is the “Taguchi Kazuya victim meeting”, where teachers and alumni from NATS (Nihon Automobile University) gather ~The sky has become bright, but why are you still doing it?~ members support.

WHEELWeds sports TC105N 9.5Jx18+10
TIREKENDA KAISER KR20A F:255/35-18 R:265/35-18
SUSPENSIONsuspension:DG-5, F knuckle:RYO JAPAN, R knuckle:wisefab, OGURA RACING CLUTCH 1000F, Projectμ FORGED SPORTS CALIPER SIDE-B
ENGINESR20DET(TOMEI・2.2L), TRUST TD06-25G, Shigehara Manufacturing original sequential dog-mission